Steroids are one of the most controversial drugs of all times. People have completely polar views about this substance. Athletes and sportsmen use steroids to enhance their performance especially prior to an important match or tournament. Anabolic steroid for bodybuilding gives enormous power to defy fatigue and pain during injuries. However, steroids have their share of risks, and they are a tricky drug. Without a medical prescription, the use of this drug can go seriously wrong and present some major health issues.

Steroids are both useful as well as risky, and it is important to know both the aspects before deciding to go for it. You can make up your mind after reading both the aspects of using steroids below but before that, let’s first see what exactly these anabolic steroids are.

What are anabolic steroids?

A male hormone called testosterone is produced by the body naturally and is responsible for the strength and pain threshold in a male. Very close to the composition of testosterone, anabolic steroids are a type of synthetic drug that has similar effects as that of testosterone. These steroids are easily accessible and you can take them orally, topically, as a patch or in intravenous injection.

This drug treats chronically ill patients like individuals suffering from AIDS to regain and sustain their body mass because they lose muscle mass at high speed. The part ‘anabolic’ in this drug name suggests that it is a rapid muscle-building drug.

Usually people confuse anabolic steroids with corticosteroids chiefly because of the similar last part in their names; however, these two are entirely different classes of drugs. Anabolic drugs are also prescribed to males who have delayed puberty and other symptoms suggesting testosterone shortfall.

Benefits of using steroids

Legal anabolic steroids are natural power-enhancing drugs are and meant to make you powerful enough to push your natural limits of body performance. These anabolic steroids for bodybuilding closely mimic the composition of a naturally occurring male hormone called testosterone. Due to similar structures, Steroids have many outcomes very similar to testosterone. Although tricky, use of steroids in the right manner can prove really beneficial for those in need.

  • Improves stamina:

    Athletes who need to work out and practice their sport for long hours during the day often suffer great fatigue and illness. Rowing machines for stamina sure to challenge you and push you to your limits. To avoid this, the usage of legal anabolic steroids is common. These steroids enhance their stamina on the field and help them prolong their sessions of physical activity significantly. Athletes and sportsmen can reduce their post-workout muscle loss and fatigue with healthy alternatives to steroids.

  • Increased muscle mass:

    Individuals especially those who are athletes, wrestlers, boxers, etc often have to go through weight test. This is important to order to determine the category they qualify to fight in. In this scenario, they are individuals who suffer from low muscle mass and aim to increase it before their big tournament. Steroids to supercharge muscle growth can be their best option in such short notice. These drugs can help them gain weight so that they can fit into their desired weight category.

  • Healing benefits:

    Steroids have high remedial powers, and they heal injuries pretty quickly. Athletes practice day and night, and sometimes the body cannot afford to undergo so much physical and mental stress. They injure their body and start losing weight. This situation can have a serious impact on their career and to avoid this, legal anabolic steroids are simply their best option. They can heal their injuries quickly and get back into shape right on time.

Risks involved in using steroids:

  • Addiction: With the consistent use of any drug, there is a high chance of addiction that comes with it. Our body gradually tends to get dependant on the drug and its effects. The termination of these drugs can push the individual into serious fits of rage and tendency of self-harm.
  • Males may face Gynaecomastia (development of breast), Irreversible infertility, prostate enlargement, and shrunken testis.
  • Female may face Severe acne, hoarseness of voice, enlarged clitoris, body hair, male pattern baldness, and irregular menstrual cycle.