Summers are here, and it has already reached on its peak, making us drool for the cool summer drinks. Summers aren’t as bad as we think them to be. If we take proper measures for protecting ourselves against its ill-effects summers can be as enjoyable as any other weather. The heat affects our skin and hair, but that’s just the part we can physically pay attention to. What about the constant fatigue? It is extremely important to stay hydrated during this scorching heat. You should use proper sun-blocks and moisturization in order to protect our skin. At the same time, you should drink cooling and hydrating drinks in order to compensate for the massive fluid loss in the form of sweat.

Water- A Promise for wellness

A Promise for wellness

Increasing the plain water intake helps a lot in replenishing the thirst. Sometimes adding a little tanginess to the drinks never hurts. You also need to increase your water intake by gorging on high water content veggies and fruits like melons, tomatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc. Apart from these, summers call for some smashing summer beverages. They don’t just cool you from inside but are also flavorsome to the palate. How great would that be if these drinks come along with a promise of wellness of health as well as freshness? Below listed are some of the cool summer drinks that will quench your thirst. You can totally add them to your dietary regime to stay in shape yet feel energized in this summer heat!

Coconut Water

Coconut Water

This one is a no-brainer. A naturally sweetened cooling drink packed with electrolytes, coconut water instantly reduces your body heat. This drink effectively keeps the summer blues at bay. its electrolyte content keeps you hydrated for long hours. If you are someone who likes to start their day early, adding basil seeds to your coconut water might just be the wonder potion you need for this summer to pass comfortably. Basil seeds along with this natural coolant help keep your stomach cool all day long. It also keeps you safe from sunstroke and other serious issues one can face during this super hot summer. Make coconut water your go-to drink and enjoy this summer with full spirit.

Aam Panna


It is almost a sin to talk about summers and not mention mangoes. Aam Panna is a lip-smacking drink having an array of benefits. This drink was primarily popular in the Maharashtrian regions of India but is now gaining popularity all over. Aam Panna is prepared with raw mangoes to give it a tangy, lip-smacking flavour. The mangoes are boiled or roasted to extract the pulp. The pulp is later squished to make a liquid-like paste out of it. Cumin, mint leaves, and roasted jeera can also be added to give it the authentic Aam Panna flavour. This drink keeps you fresh and energized through-out this exhausting summer heat. It quenches your thirst and your desire for something sweet and tangy.



Also known as Chaas or Chaach, buttermilk is a great option for those who want to stay away from sugar loaded drinks. This drink has immense popularity amongst fitness enthusiasts for its cooling properties. This drink has curd as its basic ingredients and thus should be avoided by those who are lactose intolerant. Chaas has outstanding digestive properties because of being curd based. The side-ingredients like roasted cumin enhance its digestive benefits. This curd based, a non-sweetened drink is a super-beverage. If you incorporate it in your lifestyle during this summer, you will never run low on energy. This will always ensure that you have a healthy gut.



The literal meaning of this word is derived from two words, Jal meaning water, and jeera meaning cumin. The name justifies the nature of the drink, which has water and cumin as the base ingredients. Summers can be a pretty difficult time for people dealing with a frequently upset stomach, bloating and other gastric abnormalities as this summer heat worsens their condition. However, Cumin acts as a natural digestive and helps with people with bloating. This is common in summers due to over-eating. It also subsides menstrual cramps which can be particularly uncomfortable when it’s already so hot out there. Jaljeera is made by adding a coarse powder of roasted jeera to chilled water. Gulp down a glass of this super-cooling and satisfying drink and welcome summers with open arms.

Sattu Sharbat- One of the best cool summer drinks


If you want to take on summers with a fresh attitude, why not use our ancestral techniques rather than going to western culture? Sattu sharbat is a specialty from the fields of Bihar and is a cool summer drink. This drink originally came into existence from the lush fields of Bihar as the framers had to work in the fields regardless of the heat. They used this drink to battle the cruel summer heat. Sattu flour is the basic ingredient for making the “Sattu Sharbat”, along with sugar and water. If you are someone who would rather stay away from sugar, you have the option to replace sugar with salt and roasted cumin powder. It is refreshing as well as tummy-filling drink.

Sugarcane Juice


For most of the people, summer starts when they can easily spot sugarcane juice stalls on the road. Mangoes might be the king of summers, but sugarcanes are also very important for everyone. Sugarcane juice is the desi version of electrolyte drinks. It is rich in electrolytes and helps restore your body’s fluids and plasma levels. When our body faces a plasma content backlash, we experience fatigues, dullness, and dehydration.



There’s nothing better than doing things the Punjabi way to battle this summer heat. It would be unfair if we talk about Punjabis and miss out on Lassi! This yogurt-based drink is one of the most brilliant cool summer drinks. It is open to various changes as well. With a creamy consistency and a light-sweet flavour, Lassi is an absolute favorite of people looking for a rich in texture but low on calorie drink. Lassi has very high adaptability, and you can do many changes to its authentic taste. From classic to rose, avocado, mint, mango, walnut, banana and mango, lassi is available in various varieties.

Lemonade- A cool summer drink


Popularly known as Neembu Paani by most of the people out there, this is probably the most frequent drink for the household cool summer drinks. Lemonade is one of the most sought-after drinks of Indians and its all for the right reasons! This drink is super quick to make and quenches your thirst like nothing else. Made with lemons, water, mint, salt and sugar, this drink is open to experiments with a variety of spices like coriander, cumin, black pepper, etc. Lemonade is undoubtedly one of the cool summer drinks since it replenishes your citric acid needs. It also balances your electrolytes. There’s no better way to activate your palate than lemons. Add some zingy tangy flavours to your life with this super light yet extremely refreshing drink.