Weight loss is a slow process, just as weight gain is. This building up of pound after pound on your body frame takes time, so does its shedding. But if you have made up your mind to lose, the major question you will see yourself stuck on is, ‘Where should I start?’ According to a study, most people back out of the idea of losing weight after this phase. They are too clueless and confused as to what should be done first and as a result, fail over and over again. In order to tackle the challenge of losing weight, you have to understand that merely spending hours in the gym won’t help you; diet is much more important. According to many dieticians, workout contributes 20%, and diet constitutes the remaining 80% of any weight loss food journey. To kickstart your weight loss transformation, we have assembled a list of some nutritious food items which will fire the fuel inside of you for weight loss and are pretty tasteful as well! So let’s dive in!

Whole eggs- Start your journey with this weight-loss food

Whole eggs

Not long ago, eggs were feared for being too fatty and high in cholesterol, but with recent awareness amongst people and dieticians, it is easy to conclude that eggs are one of the best choices of food for those seeking an amazing weight loss food for a weight loss transformation. Eggs are rich in protein sources, amino acids, antioxidants and fats that our body requires the most. Being very low in carbs, eggs can be a part of your daily diet without causing you any harm. Being protein-laden, eggs help you feel for longer hours, thus make an excellent choice for your breakfast. Egg yolks are packed with almost all types of nutrients, making eggs a very satiating food choice.

Delicious & healthy soups

healthy soups

It is a common fact that food items with low energy density make people eater fewer calories as compared to meals with high energy density. Most food that accounts for a low energy density is those with lots of water content, like fruits and veggies. Although, making your food by adding extra water in it also accounts for the same result. Thus, before eating your meal, start with soup, and you will notice how you are full in so less. According to a study, when people have soup, they feel more satiated and consume significantly lesser calories. Although it is common sense, if weight loss is your goal, avoid adding oil or cream to your soup as these are the best weight-loss food, and you are good to go!

Yogurt won’t hurt as it is the best weight-loss food


Yogurts are yet another smart choice for breakfast or snacks for people aiming for a mesmerizing transformation. This creamy food item is loaded with protein and keeps you full for a pretty long time. Due to its high protein content, yogurt also becomes an efficient pre-workout meal. Apart from its rich protein content, People like yogurts because of their probiotic bacterial content. These bacteria basically detoxify your gut and improve its function. A healthy gut means a healthy body, what more does one ask for! Yogurt also has known benefits in lowering the effects of type-2 diabetes as well as obesity in adults and young adults.

Oatmeal the best deal for losing your weight


In order to ensure that you get the most of whatever you do in your weight loss journey, make sure that you eat more fiber food. Fibers ensure that all the nutrition you eat is imbibed properly. One of the best food items to incorporate in your life if you are aiming for a hot-bod is Oatmeal. Eating oatmeal as your breakfast meals will help you feel full and will lower your hunger rates as well. Oatmeals are a great source of protein, and in order to increase its fiber content, you can add some chia seeds or berries to your breakfast and voila! Your superfood is ready!

Avocados! Eat them & get in the same shape as they are


When you go online and look for weight loss food tips, one thing that looks common everywhere is the concept of intermittent fasting, but it can be particularly scary for those who feel hungry all the time. This is when you can totally rely on Avocados. These ‘hard-core’ fruits can be your best buds during your weight loss journey. Avocados are an abundant source of healthy fat. This fat is low in calorific value, unlike other synthetic fat products. This is the main reason why every bite of avocado keeps you feel full for longer hours.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar

ACV has become a household name owing to its ever-growing popularity in the fitness world. Apple cider is a good choice to have it with water early in the morning. People also have it post meals since it has proven benefits in controlling blood sugar. Having ACV will significantly reduce the amount of calories one consumes in a single meal. Due to its property of controlling sugar content in the blood flow, Apple Cider Vinegar is an ideal choice to avoid and manage type-2 Diabetes as well!

Quinoa – A tasty weight-loss food 

A tasty weight loss food

Ever heard of this wonder grain? If not, here’s your chance to completely turn your life around with this miracle grain! With as low as 220 calories per cup, quinoa is packed with all the amino acids, loads of proteins and fiber content. This food item cleanses your gut and keeps you full for longer hours. While it has so many benefits, it can be perceived that it would taste horrible, but fortunately, that’s not the case here! Quinoa is one of the best-tasting grains you can come across, and there are tons of recipes available online for you to try from.

Cayenne Pepper


Not long ago, Beyonce’s’ Cayenne Pepper’ lemonade diet gained immense popularity in the health and fitness world. This pop star owes the credits to her curvy body to Cayenne Pepper! Peppers are rich in a compound known as Capsaicin, which is responsible for giving them the spiciness that peppers have. Capsaicin helps in kick-starting your body’s metabolism. A good metabolism basically means burning calories not just in the gym but also when you are sleeping, and who wouldn’t want that!? Consuming Cayenne Pepper in the lemonade as your first drink when you wake up in the morning will energize your metabolism for the day and will keep burning your calories no matter what you are doing!

Drink green tea & get tension free

Drink green tea & get tension free

Green tea must not be a new term for you as this is easily one of the most often used words in our day to day lives. This wonder tea has an array of benefits, and weight loss food tops them all. Green tea has Catechins; it’s a type of antioxidant that prevents the storage of fat in the belly area and also destructs it rapidly. According to a study, sipping green tea 4-5 times a day with a moderately active lifestyle will help you tackle belly fat much efficiently than just Gymming for hours and not using green tea.


People who have the concept that weight loss food is merely a 3 or 4-month process are going to hate this, but the truth is, weight loss isn’t a short-term goal, and rather it’s a lifestyle. The earlier people understand and accept that the easier and realistic approach they will have towards their goals. Keep things realistic; don’t fall in the crash diet trap. Start slow, and you will definitely reach where you aspire to be!

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