For many people, gaining weight or getting those muscular body parts can be as challenging as losing fat. But, if you can simply alter your diet while adding some healthy alternatives, you can do yourself a great favor and gain weight in a safe manner. This is much advantageous as, by an effective diet plan for weight gain, you don’t have to worry about losing weight later. It is a sustained method that can keep you muscular in a healthy way for a long time.

The diet plans, in simple terms, means eradicating artificial content such as junk food, oily eatables, processed food items, artificial sweeteners. On the other hand, it also means including healthy vegetables and fruits, healthy sugars, lean meats, and several other healthy items. To change the diet, you can also look to get calories from healthy plants.

Did you know that there are around 50,000 plants in the world that are edible? Out of these, only three make up 60 percent of the total calories derived by plants, taken by humans. These three magical greens are wheat, maize, and rice.

Besides thinking in a collective manner, you can adopt some simple steps to alter your diet while helping you avoid weight gain in a bad manner. Let’s check them out one by one:

Red meat

You must have heard about red meat and its benefits for our health. The meat also helps as it acts as one of the most reliable muscle-building food for men. Medical science and its numbers say that a single steak contains 3 grams of leucine in 6 ounces of weight. This leucine is the beneficial amino acid our body requires. It is used for protein synthesis in our muscles. This helps add more muscle tissue to our bodies. Red meats are also a good source of dietary creatine. Creatine is also famous as one of the most common and effective natural supplement for weight gain.

When consuming red meat, you can alter your diet to get the most of the natural supplement. You should always choose fattier cuts as it provides a large number of calories as in comparison to leaner meats. This helps you in taking in more calories for weight gain. It should be noted that though both lean and fat oriented types of meat are good in protein, fatty meat offers a large number of calories. This helps as a good diet plan for weight gain.

Natural Sugars

We all crave for artificial sugars such as candies, lollipops, chocolates, and ice creams. But it is important to realize that while they can help you attain fat, they are not a good source of protein. You can use natural sugars instead as they do not pose a threat to your blood sugar level and help you in weight gain naturally. Starch and potatoes are good sources to get the hang of it. To add extra calories, you can choose diets that are rich in carbs such as oats, corns, buckwheat, quinoa, sweet potatoes, potatoes, beans, legumes, squash and winter root vegetables.

These natural sweeteners work by adding calories to your diet and also help in increasing the glycogen storing capacity of your muscles. In medical science, glycogen is the major fuel source for most athletics and physical activities performed by our bodies. The carbs that these sugar supplements provide also come with natural nutrients like fiber and resistant starch. This helps in other types of metabolism of the body such as improving gut bacteria.

Protein shakes

No, we are not talking about formulated protein shakes or powders here, but natural homemade protein shakes. Needless to say, these can work wonders in your diet plan for gaining muscle weight. Protein is the most plentiful substance in the body. And if you wish to maintain its stock, you need to have some highly effective protein shakes made at home.

Making and then consuming homemade shakes can make your diet highly nutritious while allowing you to gain more weight. Homemade versions are better as they do not contain artificial sugar. They are rich in flavor and nutrient value as well. Here are a few of the finest shakes you can prepare at home:

Caramel with apple

Simply prepare it by mixing one sliced apple in 1 cup of yogurt. Add a scoop of caramel. You can also add vanilla-flavored protein or whey protein. Add a tablespoon of sugar-free sauce of caramel. Blend and then consume on a daily basis.

Super green

Take a cup of spinach and mix it with one avocado and one banana. To the mixture, add a cup of pineapple and then add a scoop of your favorite flavor of whey protein.

Chocolate and banana with nuts

Prepare this delectable shake by combining a banana and a scoop of chocolate flavored protein with a tablespoon of peanut butter. Blend and prepare aa creamy smoothy. You can also use any other nut butter here.

Chocolate and hazelnut

Mix 15 ounces of chocolate with a scoop of chocolate whey protein. Add a tablespoon of hazelnut to get the desired creamy flavor. Add avocado for the richness in taste.

Vanilla blueberry shake

MIx a cup of fresh blueberries with a scoop of vanilla whey protein. You can also take frozen blueberries as per taste. Then, add a cup of vanilla yogurt. Add sugar as per requirement.

You might be amazed to realize the fact that all of these mouth-watering protein shakes can provide up to 500 calories. Also, these are high in protein content and also offer other minerals and vitamins for our body.

Dry fruits

If you are looking for a small package with high calory content for weight gain, look no further than the dried fruits available in the market. These are snacks that offer antioxidants and micronutrients for our body metabolism. Various dried fruits are present in the market including almonds, cashews, nuts, resins, etc. These are high in natural sugar which further aids in the weight gain process. Make sure that you do not consume it if you are looking to lose weight.

The best part of dried fruits is that they are handy and can be carried anywhere. They are convenient to eat and can be consumed at any time of the day. They are enriched with a high content of fiber and their minerals and vitamins remain intact even after being dried. To take your diet plan to the next level, it is always in the best interest to compliment the dry fruits with meat or whey protein shakes. They are good additions with nuts and even natural yogurt. They offer healthy protein and fats to our bodies.

Yogurt in full-fat form

If you are thinking about consuming yogurt in the full-fat form it is probably a good idea for weight gain. It has nutritional value and a good mixture of balanced carbs, fat, and proteins. You can add yogurt to prepare different recipes that can do the job easily.

You can prepare smoothies that can work as a good option for increasing protein content. Yogurt can give your shakes or smoothies a delectable creamy taste. It also increases the viscosity of the shake making it more desirable.

Full-fat yogurt can easily be ingested with fruits. This includes fresh as well as dried fruits. You can add fruits like cucumber and nuts, seeds, granola, coconut flakes or honey to the preparation.

To get a bit creative, try preparing chocolate peanut butter pudding mixture. All you have to do is to add a cup of yogurt with rich cocoa powder or peanut. You can then add safe sweeteners such as stevia. Add in a scoop of whey protein to prepare yogurt chocolate pudding.

Lastly, you may look to prepare Parfait from yogurt. To prepare it, combine a cup or two of yogurt with mixed berries and granola. Mix them in layers to get a better taste. This acts as a balanced diet for the breakfast routine.


Milk is used to increase the calcium content in our body. It is an essential part of a weight gain diet plan as it increases the protein content of our body in a safer manner. Milk acts as a solvent for various types of proteins and supplement shakes. It has a good amount of carbs and fats. It also provides antibodies to fight diseases while increasing our immune system. Milk offers casein and whey proteins that help in weight gain. Studies suggest that milk can help you in adding muscle when you are trying weight lifting for weight gain.

Mil also leads to better mass gain than other protein sources when combined with whey or casein. Having two or three glasses of milk with a healthy snack or meal before a workout can make a huge difference in the muscle build-up.


Many countries such as Japan, China, and India have adopted rice as their staple food. And there is a reason for it. It is one convenient and cost-effective carb source. Surprisingly, it can help you in gaining weight and is a good diet plan for weight gain. A cup of rice cooked to perfection can provide as much as 200 calories per day.

Besides being easier to eat, rice is also dense in calorie content. This means that you can get a good amount of calories from less serving of the rice. This helps you in eating more food where your digestive system as to work less. One can easily satisfy his poor appetite with the help of rice. Whenever you are in a hurry, you can simply snack on a bowl of rice and get the desired protein content of the day.

Rice has been prepared by several popular methods in different parts of the world. One popular method is the preparation of a large pot of rice for entier weak and then combining it with proteins as well as healthy fats.

A thing to be noted here is that large amounts of rice may pose a threat as they provide high levels of arsenic and phytic acid content. Arsenic can lead to toxicity and reduce zinc and iron absorption in the body.

Oily fishes

These are also great sources of proteins. Many bodybuilders make it a point to include oily fishes such as salmons in their weight gain tips. These provide healthy fats to our bodies. The main USP of oily fishes is the offering of omega-3 fatty acids. The compound is well known for its health and disease-fighting benefits.

Just like rice, a smaller quantity of oily fish and Selmon is enough to provide you with the protein for the day. A cup of6 ounce of salmon can provide up to 300 calories as well as 4 grams of the omega-3 nutrient. The serving also offers high-quality protein which encourages muscle build and weight gain.


The diet plans we discussed are all safe and made from fresh ingredients that can be easily found online. One need not go anywhere to snack on some exotic muscle-building foods to gain weight. Same way, you can drop the idea of taking in costly supplements for weight gain in men. You can find many good sources of proteins, carbohydrates, fiber and fats in your kitchen shelf itself. One keynote here is to adopt consistency. Always remember that gaining weight from homemade recipes or diet pans is not a one day or one-week process. You need to stick to a diet plan for weight gain and follow it with conviction. Rest, you can always change the recipes to your liking.

Success is a small part of repeated efforts done in a different manner every day. Your future depends on your eating and dietary habits.