There are many dental problems that a child faces during the developmental stages. Some of them are mild but others are so severe that it can create real and complicated problems not only for the child but also for the parents. The pain that the child will feel agonize the kid as well as the mother and father and the financial trouble another thing that the parents have to face.

So the parents must know all about Bruxism by the Emergency Dentist for Kids. You need not be surprised for the term used here because when you will know what it is; you will relate it to the dilemma you and your child can face on a regular basis.

What is Bruxism?

It is most commonly known as teeth grinding or clenching. A little tooth grinding is not a problem but if it increases as the time passes then you can be concerned. The dentists have warned about different aspects that the parents should consider.

Two Kinds of Bruxism:

Although both types of Bruxism is done involuntarily and the patient unknowingly clenches the teeth together; one can be controlled and the other is difficult to manage. But whatever the type your child may have severe damage is done when not taken care of.

Bruxism while Awake:

Children when are awake spontaneously rub the teeth together. At times this action doesn’t create sound but if the grinding is intense then a sound is created. This type of Bruxism can be controlled through different therapies.

Sleep Bruxism:

Many children may experience clenching of the teeth during their sleep. This is a dangerous habit because it can’t restraint during sleep. It is a very rare condition that children but if it is neglected then many other problems can develop.

Signs to Know by Emergency Dentist for Kids:

How will you know whether your child is suffering from teeth grinding or any dental problem? There are specific signs and symptoms that can tell you.

  1. The loud sound of teeth clenching can be heard when close to the child.
  2. Extensive and visible damage to the teeth can be observed.
  3. Pain in teeth and sensitivity is intense.
  4. Agony in the face, jaw and neck area.
  5. Headaches in the area of the temples.
  6. Disturbance while sleeping.

Reasons for Bruxism:

There are biological as well as psychological reasons for the occurrence of the Bruxism. Most of the causes can be cured swiftly but others take time as there is a long procedure of diagnosis. But each of the reason has its own importance which can’t be ignored.

Stress and Anger:

The most familiar reason is when a person is under stress he/ she grinds the teeth together. Anger can also cause the child clenching as he/ she might be distressed about a test or arrival of a new sibling. For adults, these may not be stressful but for a child, it is sufficient to make him/ her grind.


Hyperactive children are those who are always on their feet and very often sit down. They are the entire time active and want to do work or play for that matter. These children are curious about so many things that it is difficult for them to complete a task. So they in enthusiasm can clench their teeth.

Unaligned Teeth:

Sometimes the teeth are not properly aligned or because of other factors, the teeth are crooked so the teeth stroke against each other. When children have problems of crossbite, open bite, overbite and underbite then automatic grinding of the teeth occur.

Neurological Conditions:

Psychologists and neurological doctors have told that there are disorders of the brain and behavior that contribute to this unusual type of medical condition. There are seizers that are the result of a problem in the two nervous systems.

Treating Bruxism:

There are times when treating Bruxism is not needed because the children grow up and don’t have this condition as adults. But if the state of the patient worsens then getting treatment is inevitable. You can also think of it as preventive measures for Bruxism.

Mouth Guard:

You must be thinking that mouth guard is used only during sports playing but if your child suffers from teeth grinding then it is also effective. This is especially useful when your child is during it at night. The night guard for teeth is the best option to protect the teeth.

Avoid Caffeine Intake:

Food that contains caffeine such as chocolate, coffee and colas must be avoided as it makes Bruxism worse. It is commended that prevent your child from consuming it in the evening and largely before he/ she goes to sleep.

Lower the Stress Level:

If the child is suffering from any kinds of stress then try to relax him/ her. Talk to them and found out the reasons behind and make arrangements to reduce the level of stress that the child is facing. Don’t think of the reasons to be small because it is not for them.

Readjust the Alignment of Teeth:

When you notice that your child is suffering from Bruxism then it is important to immediately visit Emergency Dentist for Kids because he/ she can determine the problem in the teeth and can adjust the teeth of the child.