Cannabidiol is a naturally occurring compound which is found in many herbs and plant matter. The cannabinoids are mostly extracted from the hemp plant. Cannabidiol oil is becoming one of the most popular treatments against chronic pain, inflammation, insomnia, loss of appetite, acne, glaucoma, and Parkinson’s disease. Many people think that the cannabinoids are only found in the cannabis plant, but it is not true as many vegetables and plant matter contain cannabinoids.

Research studies have shown that the CBD interacts with certain receptors in the body present in the nervous and immune system that helps the body to get relaxation from different diseases and pain symptoms. The receptors are named CB1 and CB2 and basically tiny proteins which are present in the cells and receive the numerous chemical signals from changes in the physiological stimuli.

The interaction of cannabinoids with the receptors leads to anti-inflammatory and pain releasing effect in the body. The Cannabidiol oil is also used to make CBD anti-inflammatory creamwhich is applied to the skin to remove acne. The CBD oil contains cannabinoids in a carrier oil and available in different forms such as capsules, topical creams, tinctures, and body sprays. The concentration of CBD, however, varies from one product to another.

The CBD cream helps to treat the soreness of the skin and muscles. The CBD cream is made by mixing the cannabis flowers with high-quality coconut or olive oil, which can extract the cannabinoids based on the hemp plant used. The cream also includes essential oils which also relieves pain. The CBD cream is applied to the skin and absorb at a faster rate.

The CBD creams are however not transdermal, which means the elements of the cream not pass and enter the bloodstream, but the contents of the CBD cream are absorbed in the top layer of the skin. When a person takes CBD cream for pain, he/she is doing it for the anti-inflammatory properties of the Cannabidiol. The CBD topical lotions, along with CBD oil, are best to relieve muscle and bone pain in the body. The creams have many nutrients and moisturizing agents that even heal the damaged and dry skin.

The CBD anti-inflammatory cream is more efficient and effective in reducing pain as compared to the CBD oil. The CBD cream can easily be used whether a person has a skin burn or suffering from arthritis. The CBD cream, when applied to the affected part of the skin or body, produces immediate results as the cannabinoids present in the cream come in contact with receptors found in the skin.

The CBD is best for joint pain, and when a person rubs some of the creams on the joints, the anti-inflammatory properties quickly act and provide long-lasting relief. The CBD cream provides a soothing effect on the swollen joints and helps in improved movement of the joints. The anti-inflammatory element of the CBD cream is best in treating different skin conditions such as

  • Rashes
  • Burns
  • Eczema
  • Skin allergies; and
  • Psoriasis

There are many famous companies that produce and market both the CBD oil and CBD cream. The creams and topical ointments contain essential oils, cannabinoids, and other medicinal chemicals which soothe the skin. The CBD creams are available in the form of lotions, oils, balms, rubs, and bio freezes.

The inflammation that occurs in the body is divided into two categories, which are acute and chronic. Acute inflammation is mainly caused by damaged tissues or pathological bacteria. The chronic inflammation, on the other hand, is caused due to prolonged acute inflammation. The CBD element mostly interacts with the CB2 receptor present in the immune system, which helps to deal with inflammation.


CBD is becoming one of the popular treatment against chronic pain, insomnia, acne, and many other body pains. Research indicates it is the best cure without any side effect.