Crohn’s disease mgt- an overview

In today’s lifestyles, there are millions of drugs for every syndrome. This also denotes that there are innumerable diseases nowadays that can affect human life in a different form. One such less talked about and more deadly disease is the Crohn’s disease. The Crohn is a syndrome in which your digestive system gets inflamed. The part that is highly inflated is your colon and small intestine.

Crohn’s disease along with another disease called ulcerative colitis relates to a category of diseases called inflammatory bowel diseases. Hence it would not be totally wrong to say that Crohn is a type of inflammatory bowel syndrome. The irony is that there is no proper cure for the disease. However, the treatment can help you get cured if carried in a proper way. Let us know more about this disease a bit:

As the severity of the syndrome is complex, the symptoms are also severe. The bad thing is that a person having this disease might show no symptoms at all for years or weeks. The infected area usually decides the severity of symptoms. You may notice some like:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Abdominal tenderness
  • Severe diarrhea
  • Blood coming from stool in the form of mucus or pus
  • Fever
  • Bleeding from rectum
  • Feeling full in the abdomen area
  • sudden weight loss

Causes and risk factors

The main cause of Crohn’s disease is simply unknown to medical science. The disease is an autoimmune one. However, various research suggests about the chronic infection cause is not the immune system attacking our body itself. The main cause might be the result of an immune system attacking some sort of harmless bacteria, food or virus present in our gut.

Out of many things, few important risk factors can pose more threat to people for getting prone to Crohn’s disease. The first factor is genetics. History shows that the disease is inherited many times. Out of all patients, almost 20% have Crohn’s disease that is genetically inherited. If you have a close relative with any type of inflammatory bowel syndrome, you have a chance of getting the diseases as well from hereditary means.

Age is another regulating factor in Crohn’s disease. While the disease can harm people of all ages, its a type of illness that is seen mostly in young people. People diagnosed with the disease are often below the age of 30. however, the disease is also common in people aging from 50 to 70 years.

The third factor is smoking that might seem easy to control. People who smoke regularly can make Crohn’s disease get severe with time. Since smoking affects our respiratory system, it is also bad for our digestive system. Various medications may also cause this disease. The main convicts are anti-inflammatory drugs such as naproxen and ibuprofen. If taken regularly, these drugs can cause Crohn’s disease. They can lead to bowel inflammation that makes things worse.

Crohn’s disease and CBD oil- the cure?

As we can realize that cure or prevention of the disease is quite hard. And since the condition can even be caused by drugs, medication therapy is a risk factor. Hence, scientists needed to find a natural way of curing this disease. CBD oil has come up as a good prospect.

Various medications that are used for the treatment may control the inflammation. These are antibiotics that come with side effects. Some of them include ciprofloxacin, steroids, immune modifiers, aminosalicylates, etc. CBD, on the other hand, can produce clinical remission after regular treatments. After a couple of months’ treatment, the patient can experience significant improvement in the symptoms. This is probably due to the high and safe anti-inflammatory properties of the oil. The oil can produce measurable improvements in symptoms.

Mode of action

The reason for the effectiveness of CBD oil lies in its mode of action. People often have a holistic mindset and refer to medications to combat diseases such as Crohn’s. However, the medications are not able to combat the things a body affected by Crohn’s disease is doing. The body produces a huge amount of TNF-alphas that cause inflammation in your digestive system.

The disease can be genetic and be an autoimmune disease. Hence, CBD oil can be used here as a supplemental method. The oil works by decreasing abdominal pain. It shows its anti-anxiety properties that reduce stress and help our body fight the inflammation.

There are always new researchers coming out provide the benefits of CBD oil. It can alter various mental and physical ailments of our body and hence can reduce the symptoms of Crohn’s.

Future of CBD and Crohn’s

Everywhere we see that studies are going on for the cure of Crohn’s. We also come across various health benefits and new findings of CBD oil. This reveals that we have probably just touched the tip of the iceberg in terms of benefits. Still, we can’t ignore the rising popularity of CBD oil. The oil is offered in tincture form, oil form, capsules, and many other forms. It is even being added to luxury confectionaries for high-end consumers.

Many people are talking on forums about the benefits of CBD for Crohn’s disease. They look to reduce anxiety and inflammation through this safe and harmless method.  And now CBD is offered widely and you can get hands on it easily. The oil that was rare is now accessible easily. If you are suffering from chronic inflammation, you can simply try it yourself and see the benefits. You can begin your journey towards remission. Researchers may have to still go a long way to make the oil an official cure therapy. But, its effects are proving to be highly effective in moderate pain and stress. This is allowing people to deal with severe syndromes such as Crohn’ and lead a healthier life.