Yoga is an ancient practice for wellness, and its benefits seem to be endless. From a healthy body to a brilliant immune system, yoga is popular for all the right reasons. A number of celebrities even stick to it due to the benefits of yoga, and they especially indulge in yoga for one main reason, glowing skin! Yes! Practicing a couple of simple yoga forms every day can give you the kind of skin you desire. So are you ready to get the skin glow by yoga?

When you do yoga regularly, your body’s blood circulation increases, meaning you have more blood flowing in your every second. More blood directly means more oxygen in each of your cells and lesser free radical molecules. Reduction in the number of free radicals is also the reason behind some celebrity’s delayed aging. They seem to age in reverse and have faith that you can do it too! The fresh blood supply also gives your skin warmth and redness so you wouldn’t even need any makeup to look super gorgeous.

Let’s go through some of the most beneficial yoga asanas that are capable of giving you that glassy skin:

Pranayama for skin glow

This is not a yoga asana; rather, it’s a form of yoga. About Pranayama, it is said that it’s the regulator of all the life currents or as they say in Sanskrit ‘Prana’. This regulation of life currents is established by mastering the art of breathing and exhaling. Ever since Pranayama came into existence (Which is a long time back), yogis have used this form of yoga to calm their mind and soul. Pranayama basically focuses on your breathing, thus targeting the respiratory system. It removes energy blocks if any and helps purify and increase your blood flow. The increased blood flow regulates your blood pressures, reduces the chances of cardiovascular diseases and of course, makes your skin glow like a bride! Pranayama includes a number of asanas that you can practice with ease and boost your blood flow throughout your body. These poses also help your body become flexible and toned. So a toned body and a glowing skin, what more does one wish for!?

Kapalbhati skin glow by yoga

Kapalbhati consists of two Sanskrit words, Kapal meaning the skull or forehead and bhati meaning shine or glow. Thus it is also popular as the skull shining breathing technique; this asana also has huge benefits that make your skin glow. This exercise is adapted by many for its rejuvenating and purifying nature. As an indication for practicing Kapalbhati, it is said that you should close your eyes and visualize a bright white light in your forehead. This serves as your focus point while you close your eyes. Due to its benefits like stress release, detoxification, and breath control, Kapalbhati automatically promotes fresher looking skin with a warm natural glow.

Apart from its benefits for the skin, Kapalbhati also works on your core muscles and tones it. It improves your digesting by contracting the gastrointestinal tract and improves your focus. Owing to our lifestyle and habits, at times, some people, especially smokers, suffer a low lung capacity situation. In this situation, their lungs are not able to expand and contract fully decreasing their ability to breathe efficiently. Due to its repetitive breathing action, Kapalbhati helps in fully inflating and deflating your lung, which increases your lung capacity. Practicing Kapalbhati early in the morning energizes your body for the hectic day ahead as practicing this asana increases the internal heat of your body, thus filling it with energy.

Viparita Karani skin glow by yoga

This is also a Sanskrit term a loose translation to which is, Viparita refers to inverted signifying the posture and Karani mean doing. It is also called the legs up the wall pose or the inverted lake pose. This pose holds a special place amongst those willing to rejuvenate their skin and make it look super young. The best about this asana is almost anybody can do this including the moms-to-be. Due to its alignment, this asana works anti-gravity, and this boosts blood flow to your face.

Increased blood flow to the face reduces the chances of acne, pimple, and wrinkles and increases your skin’s elasticity keeping it younger for longer. Viparita Karani comes under the restorative yoga poses, and thus, it can help your body relax after a long and hectic day. One thing to keep in mind while practicing this pose is that your stomach should be empty since you’ll posture upside down.

If you are beginner, you might feel some issues with the alignment. You can take the help of a wall and practice this pose against a wall during your initial days. If your job requires you to walk a lot throughout the day. It is likely that by the end of the day, your legs and feet will be cramping. Viparita Karani is great to release this tension in your limbs and back. This asana is also known for its benefits in headache since it increases the blood flow to the brain.


Also popular as the headstand pose, it is the king of all the yoga asanas. Shirshasana has multiple health benefits, including healthier skin, well-stimulated brain, and a good digestive system. Our lifestyle has changed so much over the period of time, and now for most of us, it is a sedentary lifestyle with wrong eating habits and an absolute absence of any physical activity. Even the people who are working lack physical activity as they spend most of their day sitting in front of a computer screen which does nothing except for straining their back and neck.

To combat the diseases arising from this unnatural lifestyle, we need some unnatural methods, and Shirshasana tops the list! This miraculous yoga asana solves most of your endocrine problems and provides a balance to your body. This might look like a difficult pose to practice at first; once you master it, the failures will be totally worth it. Apart from the physical benefits, Shirshasana has a number of mental benefits too. When you fail over and over again and yet choose to do it again, you train your mind never to give up and lose discipline in what you decide to do. Your body gains balance by strengthening your core muscles, and that’s how your master this super beneficial yoga asana.

 Anulom Vilom the perfect way for skin glow by yoga

This is an alternate nostril breathing technique. It is a simple, yet immensely beneficial breathing technique. Moreover, it improves blood flow in your entire body and calms your mind. Your lungs receive ample amount of air, and the blood in your body purifies, leading to much lesser acne breakouts. Due to the increased circulating blood, your skin appears glowing, warm and supple. Anulom Vilom requires you to just sit down in a quiet place, and no other equipment or formality is necessary. You can do it at any time of the day, and if your job is very frustrating mentally, you should practice Anulom Vilom early in the morning as well as towards the end of your day.


Owing to our lifestyle and food habits, beautiful skin seems like a distant dream. We hide our true skin behind makeup product, but artificial is always temporary. If you are ready to make your skin glow with something new and inexpensive, yoga is your best choice!