Body acne is one of the most embarrassing conditions. You can try to remove that stubborn acne, but it won’t really help. To help get rid of body acne, you need to strike at the cause. Excess dead cells, secretion from oil glands or improper nutrition can lead to body acne. Luckily, help is here in the form of the much-beloved yoga!

1.     Viparita Karani

First on the list is Viparita Karani. It is also known as the “legs up the wall pose”. This kind of poses is actually sometimes done by children unknowingly and just for fun. But the thing is, they can be very beneficial for health.

Viparita Karani involves by starting off as simply laying on your back. Next, lift up your legs slowly till they form a right angle with your torso. After this, lift your lower hips such that your legs rise upper. This part can be helped by supporting with your hands. Do not apply too much pressure on your neck. This is one of the main variations of Viparita Karani.

Viparita Karani is regarded as one of the easiest and useful of all yoga poses. It is found to help with disorders like insomnia, migraine, digestive problems and arthritis. A common variation of Viparita Karani for beginners is supporting your legs with either a pile of pillows and blankets at your buttocks or resting it up against a wall.

Because it can cause pressure on your back, those with back problems should seek supervision. It should also be noted that you should maintain a breathing pattern while doing this form of yoga.

2.     Bhujangasana

Bhujangasana is also known as the cobra pose. It is one of the main poses leading up to one of the most well-known poses in Yoga- Suryanamaskar. It is relatively easy and helps your back and front torso stretch. Its name comes from the shape your body makes while doing Bhujangasana.

To perform Bhujangasana, lie on the floor or yoga mat with your back upwards. If you are familiar with the exercise known as “push-up”, then try to take its step. Your hands should be at your sides. Next, with the help, your lower body, raise your upper body and straighten your arms. Inhale slowly and deeply while you are at it. The point is at during this, your shoulders and back should flex. Do not try to push your front ribs forward. Hold this position for about 10-15 seconds while breathing slowly. Come back to initial position exhaling slowly.

Bhujangasana promotes muscle flexibility. It helps in relaxing the tension in your back muscles. Benefits include treatment of lower back pain, stiffness in shoulders, stretching of biceps. A variation of Bhujangasana includes the Sphinx pose or Salambha variation.

3.     Janu Sirsasana

Janu Sirsasana is one of the beginner stage yoga poses. That being said, it is not always so easy to perform. Janu Sirsasana gets its name from the way the yoga pose is performed. With its name being divided into three Sanskrit words- Janu, Sirsa, and asana, which mean knee, head, and posture respectively in Sanskrit. It is, however, not as simple as doing a seated hand-to-leg stretch.

The first step to Janu sirsasana involves you sitting with your legs stretched front and back straight. Plain and simple, right? Next, bend your right leg and bring it to touch the inner side of your left thigh. After this, lift your hands up while inhaling deeply. Now hold that breath. Slowly stretch your torso such that your fingertips touch your toe-tips. Exhale gently while your stomach is getting pressed. Try to touch your knees with your face. Now slowly rise back up, inhaling. Perform the same move with your left leg.

Janu sirsasana helps in stretching your back muscles and spine. It also helps in digestion. Another group of muscles which are affected includes your hamstrings. Because Janu sirsasana involves you pressing your stomach, it should be avoided on full belly or diarrhea. Avoid practicing this pose it if you have a knee or lower back injury.

4.     Trikonasana

Trikona in Sanskrit means “triangle”. This posture gets its name from the shape your body resembles while you hold the pose. It is one of the preparatory poses which leads to Veerbhadra asana. It is a form of hatha yoga.

Start off by standing in an attention position. Next stretch your legs apart try to form an equilateral triangle. Next, raise your hands parallel to the ground with your palms facing the ground. Turn the right foot outward while keeping the left foot slightly inward. Rotate your torso to the fullest capacity to your right. Now, without bending your knees, bring your right hand down till it touches the front of your right feet. Hold your pose and balance for a moment. Come back up and repeat again with the other side.

Trikonasana helps in strengthening your arms and legs. It helps in getting rid of flatulence and gastritis and also corrects faulty posture.

5.     Pawanmuktasana

Pawanmuktasana is arguably one of the most popular of all yoga poses. It is also one of the simplest ones there is. Its name literally means “wind liberating pose”. It helps in relieving the gas and in some cases, stretching your legs.

To do pawanmuktasana, one has to lie on their backs first. Next, stretch your legs straight. Inhale deeply. After this, slowly exhale and take your left leg and bring it up to your chest, pressing with your arms. Hold your breath and pose for a slight moment. Release your leg and stretch it back while inhaling. Do the same with your right leg. Variation of pawanmuktasana also includes doing the same with both the legs at the same time.

A natural solution to body acne is always better than chemical treatment. Yoga gives you the added benefit of stretching and flexing muscles all over your body. Instead of trying out some way to surgically remove or reduce the acne, you can try doing yoga. This does not bring any side effect at all. A healthy way of living that benefits not just you but those around you.