Sleep is one of the most essential parts of our daily routine. While every one of us wants to get good and long sleep, we end up with a poor and shorter duration of sleep. It can be attributed to the addition of today’s generation. Not addiction to alcohol and drugs, but to electronic gadgets like smartphones and Xbox. There are many health benefits of sleep that we ignore when we prioritize leveling up in the game. To help you realize the effects of your actions, here are the important stuff about sleep that you seem to have forgotten.

Reduce Stress

You go to work. Work your ass off. Then after dealing with all your problems, you come home tired and drained completely. After a good meal, you head off to bed. It’s lights off by 11 pm, and you get a good night’s sleep. You wake up the next morning fresh and ready to go at it again.

Well, that’s the ideal scenario we all like to imagine. It seldom goes according to our plan. Generally, most of us can only manage about 5 hours at max on average and show up the next day with black rings around our eyes and stressed mind which still remembers every nasty detail it should have forgotten.

Not getting a proper good night’s sleep can pave the way for stress. It can cause hypertension and the likes which can make a very bad impact on your health. You could lose your productivity. You could develop an irritating demeanor and much more. These are things you can prevent with a good night’s sleep on a warm bed. It has been seen that a proper 8 hours of sleep can help in reducing your stress and increase your productivity. Well, you do not need to be a scientist to know about all this, you can just feel the difference in your mental stress after a non-stop deep sleep.

Healthier Heart

The heart can be the root of many problems. We don’t mean to get all poetic here. Getting lovey-dovey and reciting some prose is the last thing on our mind. What we mean to say is that if you do not have a healthy heart, then it can cause a hell lot of problems. You would have to deal with lower stamina and be at risk at all times.

There can be many causes for a weak heart. Some of them could be high blood sugar, high cholesterol or even blood pressure. If you do not get a good night’s sleep, it could spell a problem for your heart as well. Chronic sleep deprivation can be a major cause of a weak heart. It can cause many cardiovascular problems. Sleep deprivation also leads to high cholesterol which can, again, affect your heart and leave you open to coronary diseases.

You might be suffering from sleep apnoea. This could cause you to have fewer sleeping hours. If you add sleep deprivation on top of that, then your risks for heart disorder increases exponentially. Make sure that you have a good night’s sleep if you want to have a healthy heart.

Maintain your weight

Studies have shown that people who have irregular sleeping hours are more likely to gain weight. This can be attributed to the fact that our bodies have a sort of “clock”. This “body clock” determines a lot of bodily functions which includes metabolism. During sleep, our metabolic rate goes down.

But if we have unhealthy sleeping hours or irregular sleeping time, then it can cause us to have fluctuating weight. This can be problematic as it can result in a weakened immune system. And we all know how dangerous a weak immune system can be.

To maintain a constant and healthy weight, you need to make sure that you have a proper sleep. We don’t just mean that you need to have a sleep duration of 8 hours or so. What we mean to say is that along with the duration, you also need to have a routine time. It seems kinda childish but can help you a lot.

Build muscle

Now how can having an 8 hours sleep help you build muscles? It’s not like you would sleep one night and wake up next morning with muscles rivaling the heroes of yore like Hercules. You need to work out for that type of muscle and strength.

What we mean to say is that if you get your due quota of sleep, you will ensure that your muscles recover after a full day’s work. It is one of the most fundamental rules when you are working out as well. You need to give your body time to heal the muscle damage it has taken. If you do not, then the fatigue would last until the next day. In the case of those who do weight lifting exercises, this could mean prolonged muscle pain.

For growing children, sleep is important as it helps their body to grow. It helps their brain to secrete human growth hormone – HGH is a hormone that only gets secreted during sleep. So if you do not have a proper sleep, you might end up with poor muscle tone.

Reduces Appetite

Appetite reduction seems contrapositive, doesn’t it? If you get good sleep, how come you will have a lower appetite? Rather, due to better digestion, you should have more appetite. The thing is, what we are focusing on is not the appetite for master meals, but on the extra untimely cravings that we get often.

A good night’s sleep is a great way to control those cravings and help you maintain a healthy BMI. It’s a great way to make sure that you do not end up eating every so often without any regard for your weight and health. Proper sleep can help in making sure that you only crave food that is essential for your survival – breakfast, lunch, and dinner.